Week 26 of the Garden Digest – Successes & Failures!

Successes & Failures!

It’s been a year…

At the close of each year, we take a moment to reflect on our gardening season, celebrating the successes and acknowledging the moments where things didn’t go as planned. We don’t view setbacks as failures but rather as valuable lessons. They teach us what strategies to reconsider, how to adapt, and sometimes, when to simply let nature take its course. “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

It’s a wise practice to jot down both your achievements and challenges at year’s end. Firstly, it’s delightful to look back and appreciate the progress made and the lessons learned along the way. This repository of knowledge becomes a treasure trove for future gardens. Secondly, your notes serve as a handy reference if you encounter similar issues in the future or discover improved methods that save time and resources.

Here, we’ll share a few successes and setbacks we encountered in our kitchen garden throughout the year!

Tomato vines with tomatoes at various ripening stages, hanging from the stem.

“Failures” and then Successes

As we’ve mentioned before, failures in gardening can be seen from two perspectives. We prefer to regard them as stepping stones toward improvement and success for the coming seasons. Here are some key insights we’ve gained:

Lesson 1: Peppers. Throughout this season, our battle with pests attacking our pepper plants persisted despite trying various remedies, from fly pads to soap sprays. Unfortunately, out of around 100 peppers, only about 10 were spared from the flies’ devastating effects. However, an interesting revelation emerged—flies seem deterred by colder temperatures! Some late-growing peppers remained unaffected, a curious observation indeed.

Lesson 2: Swiss Chard. Despite early successes in our gardening journey, recent seasons saw our Swiss Chard plants succumb to pests, leaving them decimated. Efforts to mitigate this issue, including spraying, proved ineffective. Yet, with the arrival of colder weather, the pests seem to have vanished, leaving the plants unscathed.

Success 1: Tomatoes. Our tomatoes, despite initial skepticism from some of our social media followers about their close planting, thrived remarkably this year! Planted in a twelve-inch-deep raised bed, these tomatoes grew up to eight feet tall and produced an overwhelming bounty. The video showcasing this success garnered over a million combined views on Instagram and TikTok, a thrilling achievement for us!

Success 2: Lettuce. Our consistent success story lies with lettuce. Whether it’s due to the optimal yard location or ideal temperatures, our lettuce thrives abundantly. We often find ourselves with more lettuce than we can consume, happily sharing the surplus with friends and family. The growing season allows for multiple harvests, a boon during summer and fall.

Yellow flying pest feeding on a vegetable stem.

5 Key Takeaways

Learn from Failures: View failures as learning opportunities rather than setbacks. Identify what went wrong, understand why, and use these insights to adapt and improve strategies for the next season.

Adaptation is Key: Gardens evolve over time. Adaptation based on the changing conditions, weather, and pest behaviors can significantly impact the success of different crops.

Observation Matters: Pay attention to the impact of environmental changes on plant growth. Note how weather, temperature, and pests affect different crops, enabling better preparation or preventive measures.

Document and Reflect: Keeping records and notes helps track successes and failures. Reflecting on past experiences helps determine what works best for your garden, assisting in making informed decisions for future gardening endeavors.

Celebrate Successes: Acknowledge and replicate successful strategies. Whether it’s crop selection, planting methods, or specific gardening practices, identifying and building on successful aspects is crucial for consistent success in the garden.

Top view of hand holding coffee mug near notepad.

What’s next?

As we gracefully enter the enchanting winter season, it’s the perfect time to begin envisioning the kitchen garden you’ve always wanted for the upcoming year. The planning stage is where the magic truly begins, and we’re thrilled to assist you in bringing your garden dreams to life!

Exciting News! We’re now open for design consultation appointments for the upcoming gardening season (2024). To ensure you receive the dedicated attention you deserve, we’re limiting our consultation slots to four clients per month until March. Given their popularity, these sessions tend to fill up fast, so securing your spot early is key.

During our design consultations, you’ll have the chance to collaborate closely with us. Whether you’re envisioning a stunning garden layout, seeking construction services, or looking for a customized plan, our team is committed to making your vision a reality.

Stay Connected! Don’t miss out on our gardening insights, exclusive behind-the-scenes peeks, and live updates available across our social media platforms. Join our growing community of plant enthusiasts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. We’re passionate about engaging with fellow gardeners and learning from your unique gardening experiences.

Ready to Get Started? Reach out today and kickstart the conversation. Share your gardening aspirations, ask questions, and let us guide you toward transforming your vision into a flourishing reality. We’re honored to be part of your journey toward a successful kitchen garden!

We are here to help you achieve your gardening goals! Reach out with any questions that might come up throughout your journey. 

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Tessa & Kyle
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