Our design service is the foundation of crafting your dream kitchen garden. We meticulously assess your space, preferences, and environmental factors to create a customized design that optimizes functionality and aesthetics. This includes initial consultations, draft designs, collaborative sessions, and a comprehensive blueprint for your garden.

Starting at $100


Our construction service encompasses the full realization of your garden vision, from ground preparation to crafting raised beds, planting, and setup. We specialize in offering sturdy and customized raised bed constructions that optimize space and facilitate healthier plant growth. By coordinating every aspect of implementation, we ensure a seamless and professional execution of the approved design, handling everything from sourcing materials to transforming your space into a flourishing kitchen garden.

Starting at $300


Beyond the design and construction phase, our support service offers ongoing assistance. We provide detailed care and maintenance guides tailored to your garden's needs. Also, our monthly service packages ensure continuous support, allowing you to contact us for any questions, troubleshooting, or further guidance as your garden evolves.

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Our design process begins with a detailed questionnaire, capturing our clients’ desires and requirements. Using this information, we craft an initial draft design. We schedule a collaborative session to present these initial designs, allowing for feedback and adjustments. Upon finalization, we provide a comprehensive document detailing the design, ensuring all necessary information is available for their garden’s construction. Should they opt for our implementation services, we seamlessly coordinate every aspect, bringing their envisioned kitchen garden to life.

By meticulously analyzing your space and considering your gardening aspirations along with environmental factors like climate, sunlight, and water availability, we ensure optimal utilization. Our goal is to harmonize functionality with aesthetics, creating visually appealing designs that maximize every inch. Whether it’s a cozy patio or a larger 200-square-foot garden, we excel in tailoring designs to suit spaces of any size.

Our goal is to make kitchen gardens accessible to all budgets. We see them as an investment in your health and lifestyle—a project that can evolve and grow over time. Starting small is a great option, allowing gradual expansion while having a final plan in mind ensures a cohesive and sustainable garden as it progresses.

We value open communication throughout the design journey. Ensuring our clients feel engaged and involved in every step is paramount. We maintain an open channel for constant dialogue, fostering a collaborative approach where your input and ideas are integral to the design process. Your involvement is key to creating a garden that truly reflects your vision and preferences.

Our design package includes a comprehensive care and maintenance guide tailored to your garden. Additionally, we offer convenient monthly service and maintenance packages for ongoing support. These packages ensure you have direct access to our expertise for any queries or assistance. For more details, feel free to explore our services page.