We’re Tessa and Kyle—Hamilton, Ontario residents with a deep-rooted passion for gardening, inherited from generations of green-thumbed family members. Our gardening journey began in our childhoods, learning from our parents and grandparents who cherished their gardens as much as they did their homes. Now, in our early thirties, we’re committed to bringing the magic of kitchen gardens to others around the world!

Drawing from our experiences in transforming our own compact city yard into a flourishing kitchen garden, we’ve cultivated a blend of traditional wisdom and modern techniques. We’ve cracked the code on making the most of small spaces, turning them into vibrant hubs filled with fresh produce and tranquillity. Our goal is simple: to share this expertise and help others weave their own garden stories.

We’re here to offer guidance tailored to your space, whether it’s a cozy balcony or a modest backyard plot. Our approach is a mix of proven methods and a touch of innovation, aiming to create gardens that not only nourish but also delight the senses. 

Let’s collaborate and craft a space that elevates your connection with nature and your enjoyment of flavorful, homegrown produce.

- Kyle & Tessa


We are dedicated to empowering individuals to grow healthy food in any space. Through personalized guidance and innovative designs, we transform spaces into thriving, edible oases, fostering a deeper connection to food and nature.



Harvesting abundance, cultivating sustainability.