Week 27 of the Garden Digest – Time To Order Seeds!

Seeds & Seed Catalogs

Do you order seeds?

Are you the type who’s tired of settling for limited seed choices at big box stores? Step into a world of variety and precision in seed selection! Let’s guide you toward the perfect seeds for your garden.

Gone are the days of snagging whatever’s on the shelf at a store, hoping it’ll thrive. We’ve been there too, frustrated by the limited options and unknown results. But fear not, there’s a better way!

Now’s the ideal time to get your hands on seed catalogs. Armed with a highlighter, you can handpick your dream crop selection for the upcoming growing season.

We’ve got your back with tips on what to avoid and essential suggestions to ensure a successful start next year, planting precisely what suits your garden best!

Assorted vegetables including cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, hot peppers, peppers, onions, and garlic on a cookie sheet.

Some things to think about with Seeds!

As seed catalogs begin to fill your mailbox, it’s the perfect moment to dive into this week’s crucial discussion. But before you get carried away ordering every enticing seed, let’s pause and consider a few key factors.

Think back to childhood Christmases, creating an extensive wish list. Even if you got it all, did you really use everything? Seed shopping’s a lot like that! Catalog browsing might need multiple rounds to narrow down selections effectively. Plus, bear in mind, some seeds have a short shelf life. Plant them soon, or they’ll lose their vitality.

The growing zone is paramount, echoing our earlier talks. Opting for seeds tailored to your zone ensures a garden that thrives. Don’t plan your garden around seeds requiring longer growing times if your zone doesn’t align.

Ask yourself: Will you truly consume what you grow? It’s easy to fall into the “grow everything” trap, planting items you’ll never eat. Identify staple veggies for your recipes, then consider experimenting with unique plants.

Lastly, consider the winter. Can your garden sustain you through those colder months? Some produce, like tomatoes or garlic, store well. Plan wisely to include items suitable for winter preservation in your seed selections!

Seed packets spread out on a table.

5 Key Takeaways

Zone Conscious Selection: Prioritize seeds suited to your growing zone for optimal success. Align your choices with the climate and conditions your area offers for better results.

Practicality Over Abundance: Avoid overwhelming yourself with a multitude of seeds. Focus on plants you’ll use and enjoy, considering your culinary preferences and staple recipes.

Trial & Experience: While sticking to familiar favorites is wise, don’t shy away from experimenting with a few new plants. Just ensure they align with your zone and practicality.

Storage and Longevity: Keep an eye on seed longevity. Some seeds have a short shelf life, so plan your planting schedule accordingly to avoid waste.

Winter Sustainability: Consider seeds that can contribute to your winter stock. Opt for produce that stores well, ensuring a bountiful harvest you can use throughout the colder months.

As an extra treat in this newsletter, we’re thrilled to share our top recommendations for purchasing seeds, plants, or bulbs! When it comes to sourcing our seeds, we have great confidence in OSC (Ontario Seed Company), Veseys Seeds, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, and West Coast Seeds. These are our go-to places for high-quality gardening essentials.

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What’s next?

As we gracefully enter the enchanting winter season, it’s the perfect time to begin envisioning the kitchen garden you’ve always wanted for the upcoming year. The planning stage is where the magic truly begins, and we’re thrilled to assist you in bringing your garden dreams to life!

Exciting News! We’re now open for design consultation appointments for the upcoming gardening season (2024). To ensure you receive the dedicated attention you deserve, we’re limiting our consultation slots to four clients per month until March. Given their popularity, these sessions tend to fill up fast, so securing your spot early is key.

During our design consultations, you’ll have the chance to collaborate closely with us. Whether you’re envisioning a stunning garden layout, seeking construction services, or looking for a customized plan, our team is committed to making your vision a reality.

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Ready to Get Started? Reach out today and kickstart the conversation. Share your gardening aspirations, ask questions, and let us guide you toward transforming your vision into a flourishing reality. We’re honored to be part of your journey toward a successful kitchen garden!

We are here to help you achieve your gardening goals! Reach out with any questions that might come up throughout your journey. 

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