Week 3 of The Garden Digest – It’s not too late!

Do you think you’re behind? It’s Not too Late!

Don’t worry if you think it’s too late to start your garden. We’re here to tell you that there are still plenty of options available! We have been discussing different approaches to planning a vegetable garden, including the possibility of starting vegetables from seed indoor/outdoors AND getting seedlings from local nurseries. It’s not too late to start designing, building or growing a garden of your dreams!

To begin, make a list of the plants you want to grow or those you initially planned on starting from seed. When you visit your local nursery (we highly recommend supporting them over big box stores), take a strategic approach when selecting seedlings. Remember, bigger isn’t always better! Sometimes the largest seedling may be close to bolting, compromising its flavor and longevity.

Vibrant herbs and flowers thriving in a raised garden bed - sustainable gardening, aromatic herbs, colorful blooms. It's not too late.

Once you have obtained your seedlings, take some time to research the estimated harvest time for each vegetable. This step requires a bit of planning, so we suggest using a calendar. Start from today’s date and mark down when each veggie should be ready for harvest.

If you’re interested in planting seeds for a fall harvest, you’ll need to create a plan that ensures your seed starting aligns with the end of your current harvest. This approach guarantees a continuous supply of produce throughout the season—also known as “Succession Planting.”

To avoid confusion, it’s wise to create a visual plan. Lay out all the months on your kitchen island and note when you planted your veggies outside, as well as when they are expected to be harvested. Then, refer to your seed packets for germination and sowing dates, working backward to determine when to remove the old plants and replace them with newly sown or seeded veggies.

A quick example of Succession Planting

The picture below showcases our zinnias and herbs. After harvesting our garlic in June, we planted these beautiful flowers and herbs. They provided us with colour and flavour until late October when we cleared them out to make room for more garlic!

An elevated wooden garden bed bursting with vibrant greenery, showcasing a variety of thriving plants. It's not too late.

5 Key Takeaways

1. Timing is Flexible: Don’t worry if you haven’t started your veggie garden yet. It’s never too late to begin! You have the option to start seeds indoors or sow them directly outdoors. Assess your climate and the recommended planting times for each vegetable to determine the best approach.

2. Nurture Healthy Seedlings: When purchasing seedlings from local nurseries, choose quality over size. Sometimes smaller plants are a better choice, as larger ones may be closer to bolting, which can impact flavor. Look for sturdy seedlings with vibrant leaves and healthy root systems.

3. Plan for Succession: Extend your harvest season by planning for succession planting. As you enjoy the harvest of one crop, prepare to replace it with a new one. Consider the estimated time to maturity for each vegetable and start new seeds or buy seedlings accordingly, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh produce.

4. Use a Visual Calendar: To avoid confusion and ensure proper timing, create a visual plan using a calendar. Lay out the months and mark important dates such as seed starting, transplanting, and expected harvests. This will help you stay organized and make the most of your gardening space.

5. Embrace Variety: Starting seeds indoors and buying seedlings from local nurseries provide an opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of vegetables. Explore unique heirloom varieties or try new plants that you haven’t grown before. Don’t be afraid to diversify your garden and enjoy a range of flavors and colors.

Remember, the joy of gardening lies in the process, and there’s always something exciting to grow and learn. So, whether you’re starting seeds indoors or selecting seedlings from a local nursery, it’s never too late to embark on your veggie garden adventure!

If you still think you are behind and need some help, feel free to reach out! We offer consulting and design services that are in place to help you achieve the garden of your dreams!

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Tessa & Kyle

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