Week 22 of the Garden Digest – Hydroponics & Gardening!

Vertical Growing with Hydroponics

Doesn’t Everything Grow Vertically?

Building upon our discussion from last week, we’ve encountered a common challenge in our yard: limited space for expansion. In addressing this issue, creativity becomes an essential tool. Typically, when people think about gardening, they envision plants growing vertically, and this holds true for many crops. However, it’s important to note that certain crops, like squash and pumpkins, tend to sprawl horizontally across the ground. This is where hydroponics come into play!

In urban environments where space is a premium, it’s time to think beyond the confines of horizontal growth and start exploring the possibilities of vertical gardening. Most gardeners tend to focus on what can be grown in traditional raised beds or no-dig beds at ground level. We, too, shared this perspective during our initial gardening seasons. But then, we stumbled upon a novel gardening approach, which we’re excited to delve into in the following sections!

Tomatoes staked against bamboo in a contrasting, moody environment, with the vibrant red tomatoes standing out in the subdued setting.

So, what is a Hydroponic Growing Tower?

In the upcoming season, we’re venturing into a new realm of gardening, exploring this innovative growing method that has garnered quite a bit of attention. We’ll be conducting experiments with various vegetables to truly understand the hype surrounding it. The concept involves constructing towers using PVC pipes or 5-gallon buckets. At the base, there’s a water reservoir, and a pump distributes a nutrient-rich solution throughout the tower to support the thriving veggies. What’s intriguing is that this approach doesn’t rely on traditional soil; instead, you’re left with your crops and a web of healthy roots.

When it comes to embracing vertical gardening, there are several avenues you can explore. You might consider DIY versions for an affordable trial, or if you’re looking for convenience, there are commercial and residential products available, albeit at a higher cost. Additionally, there are specific techniques that work well, such as the Kratky Method, which is the approach we’re eager to experiment with next year.

As space becomes a growing concern in your garden, it’s an excellent opportunity to let your creativity flow and evaluate the feasibility of your ideas. This is precisely why reaching out to us can be beneficial; we’re here to assist you in achieving your gardening goals. You’d be amazed at how much can be accomplished in a small yard, similar to ours.

To help you delve deeper into this exciting gardening approach, we’ve provided links to two products at the bottom of this newsletter, along with our contact information should you wish to explore future collaborations with us.

Hydroponics vertical growing system with 13 towers, showcasing lush lettuce thriving in the vertical tubes.

5 Key Takeaways

Vertical Space Optimization: Hydroponic towers allow you to maximize your gardening space by growing plants vertically. This is especially beneficial for urban gardeners or those with limited horizontal space.

Soil-Free Growing: Hydroponic systems eliminate the need for traditional soil, relying instead on nutrient-rich water solutions. This can lead to increased crop yields and reduced pest and disease issues.

Efficient Nutrient Delivery: Hydroponic towers provide precise control over nutrient delivery to plants, ensuring they receive the essential elements they need for optimal growth. This can result in faster growth rates and healthier plants.

Water Conservation: Hydroponic systems are designed to recirculate water, reducing water consumption compared to traditional soil-based gardening. This is an eco-friendly option in regions with water scarcity.

Experimentation and Innovation: Hydroponics opens up opportunities to experiment with various crops and growing methods. Different hydroponic techniques, like the Kratky Method, offer flexibility for gardeners to explore and adapt to their specific needs.

Keep in mind that successful hydroponic gardening may require a learning curve and attention to maintaining the nutrient solution and water levels. However, the benefits in terms of space utilization and crop yield can be well worth the effort.

Compact hydroponics tower on a patio, offering a convenient and space-efficient way to grow fresh produce at home.

What’s next?

Now that the vibrant colours of summer are transitioning into the warm hues of fall, it’s the perfect time to turn your thoughts toward the kitchen garden of your dreams for the coming year. The planning phase is where the magic begins, and we’re here to help you make it a reality.

We’re excited to announce that we are now accepting design consultation appointments for the upcoming gardening season (2024). To ensure that you receive the personalized attention you deserve, we’re limiting our design consultation slots to four clients per month until March. These sessions are incredibly popular and tend to fill up quickly, so securing your spot as soon as possible is essential.

Our design consultations are a unique opportunity to collaborate with us. Whether you’re dreaming of a beautiful kitchen garden layout, seeking construction services, or looking for a tailored plan, our team is dedicated to making your vision come to life.

Additionally, don’t forget to stay connected with us on social media. Our platforms are brimming with gardening insights, exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses, and real-time updates. We cherish the opportunity to engage with our gardening community and learn from your individual gardening journeys. Join our ever-growing family of plant enthusiasts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and start the conversation today. Share your gardening aspirations, ask questions, and let us guide you towards transforming your vision into a flourishing reality. We’re honored to be a part of your kitchen garden success story!

Best regards,

Tessa & Kyle
Willow Lane Garden Co.

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As promised, here are your links for you to delve deeper into Hydroponic Gardening!

How to Grow Kratky Hydroponic Tomatoes – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyBO-nPug3M

Agrotonomy – https://agrotonomy.com

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