Week 16 of the Weekly Garden Digest – Wonderful Water Butt’s

Water Butt’s & Harvesting Rainwater

Do you know the importance of Water Butt’s? 

We trust the title of this newsletter didn’t throw you off too much! During our recent visit to the UK, we explored some garden centers and stumbled upon something quite amusing – rain barrels referred to as “water butt’s.” The name still gives us a chuckle, and we can’t resist a playful jest (yes, a bit immature, but it’s all in good fun!).

In our experience assisting many homeowners, we’ve noticed a common trend – downspouts from their roofs discharging rainwater to random areas away from their foundations. While this is crucial for basement maintenance and keeping things dry, what often gets overlooked by aspiring kitchen gardeners is the potential of harvesting rainwater.

Harvesting rainwater is surprisingly simple. With an attachment designed for eavestroughs, you can easily redirect rainwater into a rain barrel. These barrels often come equipped with overflow hoses to ensure excess water is diverted away from your home, much like a standard eavestrough.

To put it in perspective, the runoff from our detached garage can supply us with 3 to 4 weeks’ worth of water for our garden. This means significant savings on your monthly water bill by utilizing harvested rainwater from your roof!

Rainwater harvesting setup: Eavestroughs channeling water into water butt's, a sustainable source for garden hydration.

Different Ways To Harvest Rainwater with Water Butt’s

At our residence, combining our house and garage, our current three-barrel system allows us to accumulate around 720 liters (180 gallons) of rainwater. Considering an average of 2 inches of monthly rainfall, this translates to approximately 600 gallons of harvested rainwater – an effective means to cut down on monthly expenses while contributing to a greener footprint.

Rain Barrels/Water Butt’s Attached to Downspout – A practical solution to tap into existing downspouts. Mark where you’d like the outlet, cut the downspout, affix the valve onto the downspout, and then re-install the lower segment. Although it demands some effort and tools, it’s an ideal way to access readily available water sources.

Downspouts Funneling Into Rain Barrels – Our system here is quite attainable too. The previous property owners had garage eavestroughs discharging into the yard through a unique contraption. By adjusting this setup, both downspouts now channel into one barrel and then overflow into a second. This setup operates smoothly, and once the second barrel fills up, it discharges into the yard.

In essence, this practice allows us to harness the “free” resource of rainfall. For our larger property, we envision employing larger rain barrels/water butt’s to optimize the system even further. However, for most of our clients and homeowners with smaller yards, rain barrels similar to ours effectively serve the purpose.

Smart water management: Connected to the eavestrough, this water butt efficiently collects rainwater for garden use.

5 Key Takeaways

1. Cost-Effective Water Source: Rain barrels provide a budget-friendly way to collect rainwater, reducing your reliance on municipal water supplies and saving you money on utility bills.

2. Eco-Friendly Choice: Harvesting rainwater is an environmentally conscious practice that lessens the strain on local water sources, conserving this precious resource.

3. Garden Nourishment: Rainwater is naturally soft and free of the chemicals often found in tap water. Using it to water your garden can promote healthier plant growth and soil quality.

4. Easy Setup: Installing rain barrels can be a simple DIY project. They can be connected to downspouts with minimal tools and effort, making it accessible for most homeowners.

5. Reduced Runoff: By capturing rainwater that would otherwise flow into storm drains, rain barrels help decrease erosion and mitigate local flooding issues, benefiting both your property and the environment.

Providing essential hydration: A watering can showers crops with care in a flourishing garden.

What’s next?

We’re confident that this week’s newsletter has enriched your understanding and ignited your passion for your kitchen garden ventures. However, our shared exploration doesn’t end here.

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