Week 15 of the Weekly Garden Digest – Tremendous Trellis!

Do Your Tomatoes Need Support?

The reasons why we use a trellis system… 

Ever had sprawling, ground-hugging tomato plants? If you’ve been there, you’ll understand the struggle. Unstaked tomatoes tend to sprawl along the soil, even developing roots from their stems. This results in horizontally growing plants with fruits trailing along the ground – definitely not ideal, right? This is why we trellis our tomatoes!

While tomato cages are a common support option, they often fall short, especially with indeterminate tomato varieties that grow quickly beyond the cage’s capacity. Our journey with tomato-growing began similarly, and we swiftly realized that cages might not cut it for larger plants! 

Our preferred solution? A sturdy trellis system! Specifically, we favor the A-Frame trellis, which we’ve featured in our photos and videos. The versatility of a trellis shines once you’ve set up the frame. But how do you make the most of it? We’ve got you covered – read on in this newsletter!

Raised garden bed featuring wood and string tomato trellis, with tomatoes, marigolds, and raspberries thriving.

Ways to use a trellis system…

Now that we’ve established the effectiveness of a trellis system for growing tomatoes, let’s delve into its practical applications. Once you have the frame set up, there are a couple of strategies you can adopt to maximize your tomato growth – namely, the single leader strategy and the Florida weave technique.

Single Leader Strategy:

In this approach, you meticulously prune away any suckers that sprout as your plant grows. This encourages vertical growth, enabling you to wrap the main stem around a twine support. This strategy not only fosters vertical growth but also maintains a neat and organized tomato area, a method favored by many commercial growers.

Florida Weave:

Here, you set up a vertical frame (even just two posts at the ends of a bed) and run twine horizontally between them. Creating multiple rows of twine, you weave your tomato plant as it grows, helping the stem remain upright. Although we haven’t personally tried this method yet, we’re planning to give it a shot in one of our upcoming seasons.

Remember, only indeterminate tomatoes require trellising, while determinate plants can grow without it. And while tomato cages are a practical option, they might not be suitable for larger tomato varieties like ours. Experiment and find what works best for your garden! 

Florida Weave-style tomato trellis for efficient and organized growth of tomatoes in the garden.

5 Key Takeaways

1. Vertical Growth: A trellis system encourages vertical growth, preventing sprawling vines and keeping your tomato plants more organized and accessible.

2.Better Air Circulation: Elevating your tomatoes off the ground through trellising improves air circulation around the plants, reducing the risk of fungal diseases and promoting healthier growth.

3. Optimal Sunlight Exposure: Vertical positioning on a trellis ensures that more leaves receive direct sunlight, leading to improved photosynthesis and ultimately better fruit production.

4.Ease of Maintenance: Trellised tomatoes are easier to prune, support, and harvest. Accessing and caring for your plants becomes more convenient with the vertical arrangement.

5. Space Efficiency: Utilizing vertical space with a trellis is especially beneficial for smaller gardens, allowing you to maximize your planting area while enjoying larger yields.

Assorted tomatoes at various ripening stages, promising a vibrant harvest in the garden.

What’s next?

We trust that this week’s newsletter has provided you with valuable insights and inspiration for your kitchen garden endeavors. But rest assured, our journey together doesn’t conclude here.

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