Week 10 of the Garden Digest – Beautiful Basil

Create a Forest of Basil

Beautiful Basil Basics. How to Create A Forest of Basil!

Wondering how to achieve those bushy beautiful basil plants that make others green with envy? The secret to creating your very own basil oasis is revealed in this week’s newsletter. Stick around till the end to discover an easy trick that will transform your basil garden!

In case you missed our recent social media videos, we started with a nursery pot filled to the brim with basil seedlings—over 50 of them! We carefully separated each seedling into individual cells in a tray before potting them up into their own containers. From that humble $4 nursery pot, we cultivated a thriving collection of 48 individual basil plants!

Of course, the challenge arose when deciding where to plant all these basil wonders. With a touch of creativity and some serious searching (literally high and low), we found homes for them in fence planters, larger ground pots, our tomato bed, and any available space we could find. Because, let’s be honest, you can never have too much basil, especially when you can freeze it for later use!

Basil plant basking in sunlight, showcasing vibrant green leaves and aromatic herbs, ready to enhance your culinary delights. How to Create A Forest of Basil.

The Trick for Beautiful Basil!

When the summer heat arrives, basil—like many other herbs—tends to bolt or quickly go to seed. But fear not, for we have a trick up our sleeves to prolong your basil harvest!

Basil plants have a unique growth pattern characterized by a main stem with two leaves and two nodes slightly above them. This growth continues until the plant decides to flower and set seed.

Understanding this growth pattern is key to effectively pruning basil and encouraging robust growth. To achieve a bushy plant, prune the main stem just above the two nodes. Look for a set of leaves, followed by a set of nodes, and trim the stem above these nodes. We recommend keeping at least two sets of leaves and nodes on the stem before pruning, allowing the plant to harness maximum energy from the sun.

When done correctly, two new stems will emerge from the pruned area, giving your basil plant a “Y” shape. Armed with this trick, you can repeat the process along the plant’s height, creating a lush, full-bodied basil plant abundant with flavorful leaves for your culinary delights!

Basil plant pruning guide: Learn where to trim for bushier growth and increased harvest. Maximize your basil's potential!

5 Key Takeaways

1. Bolting Prevention: Basil has a tendency to bolt and go to seed quickly in hot weather. Pruning is a valuable technique to extend the harvest period and prevent premature bolting.

2. Growth Pattern: Understanding basil’s unique growth pattern is essential. It typically develops a main stem with two leaves and two nodes slightly above the leaves. This pattern continues until the plant flowers and goes to seed.

3. Pruning Technique: To encourage bushier growth, prune the main stem just above the two nodes. Aim to retain at least two sets of leaves and nodes on the stem before pruning to ensure optimal energy absorption from the sun.

4. Stimulating Growth: Proper pruning stimulates the plant to develop new stems from the pruned area, resulting in a “Y” shape and increased foliage production.

5. Repeat the Process: Continually apply pruning techniques throughout the basil plant’s height to create a dense, lush plant with abundant leaves for harvest and culinary use.

Successful basil pruning: New growth flourishing after proper pruning. Enjoy a bushier plant with increased yields!

It’s That Easy!

We hope you found this week’s newsletter filled with valuable insights and inspiration for your kitchen garden endeavors! Remember, our journey doesn’t end here.

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